DNM Systems


Please ensure that you build up the wall as you place the blocks. Do not lay the full first row, then the second, etc.
Build up as you build out, otherwise you run the risk of the blocks not locking properly.

Gravity Block Walls

A gravity wall is a wall designed on mass and weight of the materials in the wall. Gravity walls require – NO TIE BACKS – and are usually applicable in a “cut slope” situation.

Gravity walls save considerable cost on excavation and structural backfill.

Mechanically Stabilized Earth

MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) Walls, or tieback walls, are best used in “fill” slope situations. They are built with a combination of blocks and GEOGRID tiebacks.

TerraBlock units are an excellent replacement for small block walls as an installer is able to place 12 square feet of face at a time. Typical installation estimates are 10-15 blocks per hour.

MSE walls incorporate GEOGRID products to reinforce the wall. These grids allow walls to be built vertically, with a minimum amount of block.